Thursday, May 25, 2017

Me, Myself, and UI

The two interfaces that I will be comparing are Hardware interfaces and Touch user interfaces. One big difference is that hardware interfaces are physical, with items like buttons, sliders, switches and touchscreens. While touch user interfaces are graphical interfaces that use touchpads or touch screen displays in combined output input device. So there is one obvious similarity, the fact that both can be using touch screens. Touch user interfaces are usually used on  devices like smartphones or tablets, where the users ability to control the device using their fingers is imperative. It is also used in stores, Stop and Shop for example, has self checkout lanes that use touchscreen devices to let you choose if you want to pay cash or credit and get prices for items like fruit and vegetables. Hardware interfaces are usually used on the back of computers, like where you plug in the usb for the keyboard and mouse. Hardware interfaces are also used in devices like speakers, you have to plug in the cords to the speaker and then to the device you are playing the music from.
I believe in the next five years we will have interfaces that we can control without even having to touch anything. This means it could be technology that uses hand tracking and technology like this already exists, but no one has seemed to be able to prefect it yet. Or another way a no-touch interface could be by being able to control the device with our mind. In 10 years time I see interfaces that are completely controlled by just our minds. Sure ti might seem like something out of a movie, but people are already working on technology that's control with our minds. Based on how fast technology is advancing I believe mind controlled interfaces are easily achievable. In 50 years I think user interfaces will be inside the user. What I mean by this is that the device will be inside the user, so they become the interface. As technology becomes more compact and easier to use, it is surely going to become compact enough to fit inside the human body and it easily advanced enough to be usable in the human body.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Net neutrality

- what is net neutrality? Net neutrality is the idea that all major internet providers, such as Verizon and Comcast, treat all web traffic equally and fairly. 
- what is the difference between Title I and Title II? Title II allows the FCC to protect net neutrality by regulating against paid prioritization. Title I forced the big internet providing companies to keep their networks open, while at the same time using reasonable network management practice. 
- What are the (current) responsibilities of the FCC? To be sure that big internet companies don't create monopoly and that they don't have too much power over how to distribute their service. 
- Why do ISP's, Cable and Phone companies want changes? Because if the changes that they want were applied they'd be able to make more money from other smaller companies and paying customers. 
- What do you think a reasonable solution might be? To not give the ISP's any power with being able to regulate internet service and that the laws stay the same. 
- What areas of the latest area of the proposed changes might cause you some concern? The amount of control that the companies would be given concerns me. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Fiber optics blog post

1. What type of technology do the cables use to provide communication? Fiber optics, which are small wires made of glass and the data is bounced through them as light rays.
2. How wide are the cables? The whole cable is about as thick as a garden hose and the actual light/signal sending part is as thick as a human hair. 
3. Where are the cables placed? At what point do they go underground? They are usually placed underwater in the ocean between countries. 
4. What are the two main ways to measure capacity? One way to measure capacity is by potential capacity, which is the total amount of capacity that the owner of the cable could use on the other end. The second way of testing capacity is Lit capacity, which tests the actual amount of data going over the line. 
5. Explain what "safety in numbers" means. It means that companies have their network going over multiple different wires so that if one goes out, they can still operate and their whole system doesn't go down. 
6. What are the types of damage that might occur to an undersea cable? Damage from humans activity, mostly fishing and anchoring, which when the cables get damaged from a boats anchor. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

IP addresses and DNS

1. What is a protocol? Protocol is the rules or set guild lines that are used for implementing networking communications between computers.
2. What is an IP address and how is it organized? An IP address is what identifies your computer or device and works as an address to send things to and from other devices. The way it's organized goes as such, country/network, region/network, sub-network and lastly the device itself.
3. What is the difference between IPV4 and IPV6? Why do we need IPV6? IPV4 is a 32 bit long address with four 8 bit parts and IPV6 has 128 bits per address. We need IPV6 because soon enough we are going to run out of IPV4 addresses and IPV6 adds an almost infinite amount of new addresses.
4. What is the difference between an IP packet and an IP address? An IP packet is the actual item or thing that is being sent to another computer, like a letter. An IP address is like a postal address, it identifies where the data is from or where it is going.
5. The purpose of DNS? The DNS associates the name of the website, like, with the correct IP address. Our computers use DNS to look up the domain name of the website and get the corresponding IP address.
6. What is your current IP address?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Everyday Algorithms.

Brushing teeth
Grab toothbrush, Grab toothpaste. Administer pea sized amount of toothpaste to toothbrush, wet toothbrush, insert toothbrush into mouth. Begin moving toothbrush back and forth along top row of teeth, do the same to the bottom row of teeth. Repeat for 1 minute then spit out toothpaste, wash mouth with water and put away tooth brush.

1. Grab toothbrush
2. Grab toothpaste
3. Administer pea sized amount of toothpaste to toothbrush
4. Wet toothbrush
5. Insert toothbrush into mouth
6. Begin moving toothbrush back and forth along top row of teeth
7. Do the same to the bottom row of teeth
8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for 1 minute
9. Spit out toothpaste
10. Wash out mouth with water
11. Put away toothbrush

Eating orange
Grab orange and being to peel, once completely peeled start to pull apart pieces. Insert orange slice into mouth, chew and repeat for all slices. Throw away orange peel.

1. Grab orange
2. Peel orange
3. Pull apart slices
4. Insert orange slice into mouth
5. Chew
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all slices
7. Throw away orange peel

Driving a car
Unlock car and enter drivers side door, sit in drivers side seat. Check mirrors, adjust if needed, put on seat belt. Insert key into ignition and turn on car. Put car in reverse or drive, exit parking spot or driveway, drive to destination. Park car in destination parking spot or driveway, put car in park and turn off. Exit car and lock doors.

1. Unlock car
2. Open door and enter drivers side seat
3. Check mirrors
4. Put on seat belt
5. Insert car key into ignition
6. Turn on cat
7. Put car in reverse or drive
8. Exit driveway or parking lot
9. Drive to destination
10. Park car in destination driveway or parking spot
11. Put car in park
12. Turn off car
13. Exit car
14. Lock car doors

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Computing innovation.

         The computing innovation that had the most impact on my life is the Xbox original. It has had the most impact on my life because it was the first video game console that I ever played and it got me started playing video games, which I still play today. One pro is now that I have the newest generation Xbox, I can play with friends and other people all around the world, I even play with my brother who lives in California so it's good to be able to talk to him. One con of it is that I sometimes I play too many video games and don't spend enough time doing other things. I chose the Xbox original as having the most impact on my life because it started a huge part of life, playing video games.
         The computing innovation that has the most impact on the life of the person I asked is Facebook. Some pros of Facebook is being able to stay in touch with friends and family much easier, they've reconnected with old friends on Facebook and it's fast and easy, especially with private messaging. Some of the con of Facebook are that it's a time waster, knowing more information about people you don't want to know about and it's a distraction when you get notifications whenever someone posts anything. They chose Facebook because it makes so many new and easier ways to get in contact and talk with family members and friends.
         One pro that is true with both innovations is the connection that can be made to people. With Xbox you can talk and play games with other people, and with Facebook you can message and even play games with other people. A shared con that both innovations have are time wasting. They're both time wasters and distractions in different ways.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Scratch project embedded.

Press A to see a cool Airplane animation, press B to see a cool bus animation or press C to see a cool car animation. The sound is pretty loud so start your volume pretty low so you don't hurt your ears. Also wait to press one of the different keys until the sound is completely done or else the sound will overlap. Enjoy!